Canadian Pharmacy


How To Protect Yourself From A Canadian Pharmacy Scam

The cost of prescription medication in the United States is very high and it is not showing any signs of going down any time soon. The drug companies just do not have any real incentive to lower prices. People are going to get sick, they are going to need medication, and they will be willing to pay whatever in order to get the help they need. Not all people can pay the high prices of prescription medications though. The cost of generics might also be too costly. So the solution for these people is to turn to using a Canadian pharmacy in order to save money.

A Canadian Pharmacy has prices for various prescription medications that is very low. You just have to understand one thing. There are a lot of dishonest people who know how desperate some people are to get inexpensive medications. These people will set up fake websites in order to make easy money. The people who fall for Canadian pharmacy scams do not have any recourse. So what you have to do if you want to go this route is find legit Canadian pharmacies and avoid the ones that are not legit at all. How do you do this though?

Looking out for the tell tale signs that a Canadian pharmacy is not legit

Seeing as how you are taking a risk to order medications from a Canadian pharmacy in the first place, you want to make sure you are dealing with a place that is legit. The only thing you can do is protect yourself in the beginning, before you ever spend a dime or give out your valuable information. One of the biggest signs you should look for to know if a Canadian pharmacy is a scam or not is if they offer prescription medications as over the counter drugs.

It is not legal for any Canadian pharmacy to offer prescription medications or international medications as over the counter. Also, when prescription medications are offered you are going to be asked to provide proof of prescription. This is to protect you and to protect the Canadian pharmacy that wants to stay in business. You are not going to want to buy medications off a Canadian pharmacy website that tells you no prescription is required.

Looking for the accreditation’s and contact information

Any Canadian pharmacy that is truly legit will want to make sure they do all they can to make you feel reassured. The best way for them to do this is to provide you with accreditation information and contact information on their website. This information should not be hidden at all. You should not have to request it either. If you do then this is a sign that the Canadian pharmacy does not expect for you to ask. This information should be right on the homepage. And if you wanted to contact them you should have no problems at all doing so.

Understand that when it comes to a Canadian pharmacy they know that a lot of people are desperate to get access to low priced drugs. They do not seek to take advantage of people. Legit operations have every reason to want to make sure they are on the up and up. So they are not going to do anything to risk their standing. The dishonest websites you might go to though are fly by night. These websites will tell you whatever they feel you want to hear in order to get you to purchase something. Chances are you will not get what you ordered at all.

All you can do is protect yourself in the beginning, because there is going to be very little you can do once you have given your money away. Plus your information can fall into the hands of those who will seek to use it to cause you a lot of problems. You do not want this do you? So protect yourself and make sure if you decide to use a Canadian pharmacy that it is one you can really trust. There are several of them out there. The information in this article gives you two solid ways to find them.